• Milan International Rights Center

    Fieramilanocity, 8th - 9th - 10th March 2018

    About Rights Center

    Milan International Rights Center is created within Tempo di Libri to facilitate the matchmaking
    between big players of the publishing world, and it represents a unique opportunity to ease international contacts
    for big publishing groups as well as small independent publishers.

    It provides an important occasion to contribute to the growth in sales volumes of publishing rights of Italian titles abroad.

    The Rights Center will be held in the GOLD room, a 3000 square meters area, within the Fair.


    Why participate

    MIRC is meant for all those rights managers and editor, Italians and international, who wish to meet for negotiation of rights and exploring new markets and networking opportunities.

    The Milan International Rights Center aspires to become a milestone in the agendas of rights managers around the world, to develop new contacts and create new business opportunities.

    Online agenda of appointments for all participants: through the matchmaking platform b.square, every participant can organize his/her time by indicating his/her availability and the events he/she is mostly interested in. The agenda, made of 30-minute slots, is created automatically.

    How to participate, conditions and fees

    To participate in MIRC - Milan International Rights Center you must register here.

    Website registration and participation to the MIRC are completely free for those publishing houses exhibiting at Tempo di Libri, for literary agencies and foreign publishers.

    The fee includes the following MIRC services:

    • Registration to MIRC website and online agenda of appointments;

    • Customized table;

    • Assistance from INFO Desk at MIRC;

    • Official catalogue of the event;

    • Entrance pass for MIRC + Tempo di Libri Fair;

    • Free Wi-Fi.


    Via Don Minzoni 8

    10121 Torino


    +39 011 5611337


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    Final communiqué

    10th March 2018. The second edition of MIRC, within Tempo di Libri, ends today confirming and exceeding the expectations in terms of success: the results are positive on all fronts with great satisfaction of the organizers and the personnel involved. MIRC has become an annual appointment in the calendar of the international fairs and it successfully stands between Frankfurt and London in the agendas of all editors, agents and scouts.

    More than 500 participants, from 32 countries - Albania, Algeria, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States - and over 6500 appointments managed by the matchmaking b.square multilingual platform. The 170 foreign participants and the more than 330 Italian ones have had full agendas and several occasions to strengthen relationships already started and explore new business opportunities. Furthermore, during the first day of MIRC, the 8th of March, many last minute registration requests (on payment) has been made by not exhibitor Italian publishers, interested in meeting their international colleagues. Great news of this year has been the participation in MIRC of young editors and rights manager of the Frankfurt-Milan Fellowship: the new Tempo di Libri project born from the tight relationships between The Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the Buchmesse. A delegation of international professionals has arrived in Milan two days before the beginning of Tempo di Libri to meet and know better some publishing houses and booksellers.

    Listening to the testimonies of some Italian and international professionals present at MIRC, the utmost appreciation for the location of the rights center, not only within the Fair, but, this year, really close to the conference rooms of the Convention Center has come to light. The location has enabled Italian agents and publisher to meet their authors and in some cases to introduce them to their foreign counterparts and has offered the opportunity, to the professionals of other countries, to participate in meetings and discover authors and interesting stories for their national markets. Another element of continuity with the first edition of MIRC is the attention towards the Italian fiction and towards Italy as a country and as an identity. In addition to the frequent request of crime novels and thrillers, novels and stories marked by Italian features and settings of precise places of the Italian country have been particularly appreciated.

    As for the meetings, both the Italian and the international participants have had full agendas of appointments, during which they have continued and concluded negotiations already started and paved the way for future projects. Furthermore, many professionals have participated to off initiatives, and they have also met outside the Fair, at exhibitions and bookstores in Milan, building relationships with colleagues that they would not have the chance to meet otherwise and obtaining a wider view of the Italian and international publishing sector.

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    Daniela Poli – Ufficio Stampa Associazione Italiana Editori
    Tel. 02 89280823 – 335 1242614

    Ex Libris Comunicazione
    Tel. 02 45475230, Carmen Novella 335 6792295; Elisa Carlone 334 6533015

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    Tempo di Libri means stories to immerse yourself in, personalities to point you in the right direction, ideas to think about and a powerful concept of culture bringing fun and enjoyment: from Thursday 8th to Monday 12th March at fieramilanocity. Managed by Andrea Kerbaker and organized by La Fabbrica del Libro (a company consisting of AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori and Fiera Milano, represented respectively by Ricardo Franco Levi and Solly Cohen) the International Publishing Fair opens under the auspices of Milan as a Unesco Creative City for Literature. Visitors are guided along five thematic paths, one for each day: Women (Thursday 8th March), Rebellion (Friday 9th), Milan (Saturday 10th), Books and images (Sunday 11th) and Digital world (Monday 12th).

    Five intense days: 850 appointments with 1,200 guests including Bachtyar Ali, Adriana Asti, Simona Atzori, Silvia Avallone, Pupi Avati, Alain Badiou, Bella Bathurst, Pippo Baudo, Luka Bekavac, Christopher Bollen, Eva Cantarella, Gianrico Carofiglio, Donato Carrisi, Sveva Casati Modignani, Paolo Cognetti, Carlo Cracco, Alessandro D’Avenia, Philippe Daverio, Concita De Gregorio, Roddy Doyle, Yasmine El Rashidi, Nino Frassica, Alan Friedman, Francesco Gabbani, Umberto Galimberti, Alessia Gazzola, Fabio Genovesi, Dori Ghezzi, Peter Gomez, John Grisham, Michelle Hunziker, Helena Janeczek, Lene Kaaberbøl, Antonia Klugmann, Joe Lansdale, La Pina, Serge Latouche, Andrea Marcolongo, Nicolai Lilin, Marco Malvaldi, Dacia Maraini, Eddie Newquist, Gianluigi Nuzzi, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Antonio Pennacchi, Francesco Piccolo, Massimo Recalcati, Clara Sánchez, Ferdinando Scianna, Gerry Scotti, Michele Serra, Walter Siti, Manfred Spitzer, Élise Thiébaut, Ian Thomson, Nadia Toffa, Roberto Vecchioni, Sofia Viscardi, Bebe Vio, Andrea Vitali, Peter Wadhams, Carmen Yáñez...

    The events follow the tracks of routes exploring the many different branches of the publishing world: from the realm of food and wine (Tempo di Libri A Tavola) to stories about sport (Bar Sport IBS.IT), from the enchantment of antique books (C’era una volta il libro) to digital marvels (Da Gutenberg a Zuckerberg), not forgetting the MIRC Milan International Rights Center, dedicated to the negotiation and sale of rights, and the programmes for schools and the professional sector. A showcase of 37 spaces, including halls, meeting rooms and workshops (within the 35 thousand square metres of pavilions 3 and 4) hosts innovative "author pathways", daily news strips, readings and rendezvous interweaving different languages and disciplines, mingling music, cinema, comic strips, theatre and exhibitions. And so you may be greeted by the music of a specially-composed playlist, join in a literary tombola, vote for the most attractive book cover, attend an English lesson with the entertaining teacher John Peter Sloan, discover more about your zodiac sign following the suggestions of web astrologer Simon & the Stars or listen to the voice of Anna Nogara, broadcast over the loudspeakers, as she reads Leopardi's L'infinito 200 years after its composition - and literally brings il Tempo di Libri to an end.

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    The first edition of the Milan International Rights Center ends today with more than 500 participants from 34 countries and over 6500 appointments

    Milan, the 21st of April. The first edition of the Milan International Rights Center within Tempo di Libri book fair (Pavilion 1) ends today and the results are positive on all fronts with great satisfaction of the organizers and the personnel involved: more than 500 participants, from 34 countries and over 6500 appointments managed by the matchmaking b.square multilingual platform. The goal pursued by MIRC has been to ease the meeting and the exchange of ideas and contacts, for both the main publishing groups and the small and medium independent publishing industry. Today we can say “mission accomplished”. The 170 foreign participants and the Italian ones have had full agendas and several occasions to strengthen relationships already started and explore new business opportunities.

    Among the features highly appreciated by rights manager, editors, literary agents and scout present at MIRC, there is the great and innovative space, comfortable and well equipped as work place. As a consequence of this first aspect, the possibility to keep the privacy during the appointments has been an important element to conduct negotiations and close contracts. The third successful element is the integration of the rights center with the Fair, which have made the participants feel part of Tempo di Libri, offering them the possibility to visit the stands and understand, especially for foreign people, the richness of the market they are interested in.

    The testimonies of each participant highlight, for example, the role of MIRC for young and small publishers, who can not only have an idea of the foreign demand but also understand how to better face the market. They can perceive the renewed attention given to the educational non-fiction sector for children, in which the Italian publishing industry distinguishes itself and has an important cultural responsibility. Less common literary genres, as the Italian contemporary science fiction, have gained attention. The participants with the higher number of meetings have been United Kingdom, China, Poland, Germany and France. The representatives of the geographically farer markets have demonstrated to be interested and committed to spread and help discover the Italian language and culture in their countries.

    The countries which have participated to the Milan International Rights Center are the following:

    Albania, Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom United States, Sweden, Switzerland.



    Daniela Poli – AIE Press Office
    Tel. 0039 02 89280823 – cell. 0039 335 1242614

    Ex Libris Comunicazione
    Tel. 02 45475230, Carmen Novella 335 6792295; Elisa Carlone 334 6533015; Marta Santopolo 331 3213168

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    Italy as a guest of honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse in 2023: at Tempo di Libri the first appointment for the project presentation

    As a result of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities for Italy’s participation as a guest of honour country at the German pageant in 2023, the “Launch of Italy as a Guest of honour at the Book Fair of Frankfurt in 2023” will take place at Tempo di Libri.