Italy as a guest of honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse in 2023: at Tempo di Libri the first appointment for the project presentation

As a result of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities for Italy’s participation as a guest of honour country at the German pageant in 2023, the “Launch of Italy as a Guest of honour at the Book Fair of Frankfurt in 2023” will take place at Tempo di Libri.

During this meeting, planned on Monday the 12th of March at 12.30 at the Caffè letterario of Tempo di Libri and chaired by Ricardo Franco Levi, President of the AIE, Jürgen Boos, director of the Buchmesse and Simone Bühler responsible for the presence of the guest of honour, will discuss with a public of publishers and representatives of the institutions the meaning of the presence as a protagonist during the event par eccellence of the publishing industry at a global level.

This will be the occasion for outlining the necessary steps for building a path that will enable the Italian publishing business to exhibit at an international level in 2023 the quality and the variety of the own publishing production and to have a positive impact on the international relations in terms of exchange of rights, translations and cooperation.